Wishing someone would take your blog off your hands?

You know you need a blog - you just don't want to do it.

You need Blogging Maintenance. 

My Blogging Maintenance package is designed for individuals and businesses who understand the importance of blogging, they're just too busy to do it alone. You should use Blogging Maintenance if you: 

  • Want assistance creating a content calendar. 
  • Are looking for consistent blogging work from a professional. 
  • Need basic insights on what topics to cover or information to include. 

What does Blogging Maintenance Include?

The Blogging Maintenance package includes:

  • Weekly or monthly phone calls or email conversations to discuss topics for upcoming posts.
  • SEO-friendly blog posts with provided keywords, internal and external links, and meta-description.
  • Expert proofreading and editing.
  • Image suggestions or social media posts for blogs available at an additional fee.

  • Ready to talk about your project?

    Blogging Maintenance projects start at $0.12/word.

    Send me and email to get started.