What is the Point of Legal Blogging?

What is the Point of Legal Blogging?

If you're a lawyer, you probably know that no one is interested in what you do until they need to know what you do. While there are many people out there interested in understanding the law, most of your audience isn't going to read your blog because they're looking for entertainment. 

When a reader comes to a law firm's blog, they're looking for help. They may be considering hiring a lawyer or wondering if an attorney is necessary to solve their problems. They're hoping to find answers on how you and your firm can help them out of a difficult situation - not for entertaining reading to distract them during a slow work day. 

But if you're not going to have consistent readers to your blog, it may be difficult for you to see the benefit in posting new content multiple times a week. So, what is the point of legal blogging?

Why is it so important to maintain a legal blog?

There aren't many industries that value trust as much as the legal world. The connection between a lawyer and the client is crucial to winning a case. If the client does not trust the attorney - or the attorney trust the client - then both parties will be extremely disappointed in the case's outcome. 

But the building of that trust needs to start somewhere

In the past, that trust usually began with a phone call. When a client decided that they were in need of an attorney, they would call up a firm they found in the phone book or was recommended to them from a friend or family member. They relied on word of mouth to fuel their trust. 

Today, that trust begins much earlier. 

The internet gives clients even more options. 

The days of looking an attorney up in the yellow pages are long gone. Just like any other business, potential clients are going to turn to the internet before they make a decision. 

In just a few seconds, all the legal firms in the area will be at the client's fingertips. They will be given all the options available to select from, meaning if your content isn't there, you're out of the competition. 

Blogging allows your firm to be found... 

Having a well-maintained blog means that your content can be among the top results in a Google search. Blogging builds a foundation for your SEO strategy, allowing you to increase your chances of being selected from the large pool of other firms in your area.

With each blog post that you upload, you're boosting your digital marketing strategy to better attract clients. Your blogging efforts help to catch the eye of individuals in need, providing a helping hand to someone needing to have their questions answered. 

Which brings us to our next point... 

... while also establishing a foundation of trust. 

The one thing that an attorney must establish with a potential client is trust.  But when a decision on who to contact is done online, your firm may not be given the opportunity to tell clients why you're the right choice for them. Instead, they will need to rely on your online presence to determine if you're worth their time and money. 

While you may believe that filling your site with news of the awards your firm has gotten or what your firm has been up to is enough to establish trust, it actually tells your clients that your focus is on your firm - not on your client. If you're not using your blog to provide valuable information for the client, you're not connecting with the client. 

Through consistent blogging about topics important to your reader, you're able to establish trust before they ever pick up the phone. With your blog, you can let them catch a glimpse of the expertise, knowledge, and guidance that your firm holds, encouraging them to pick up the phone and connect. 

If you want to attract new clients, you need to be blogging. As one of the easiest ways to build and maintain trust with your clients in the middle of the digital age, you and your firm can't afford not to do everything possible to reach new clients and prove your expertise. If you need assistance setting up a blog that can help you expand your law firm and beat out the competition, send me an email to talk about your needs. 

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