5 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Blog

5 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Blog


In my last blog post, we discussed the need to blog even if you don't have many readers. 

But if you have a blog, your purpose is probably to grow your readers and expand your audience. So while you should keep pushing through a lag in visitors to your page, it doesn't mean you should settle for low readership.

Instead you'll want to get to the root of your problem - why people aren't reading your blogs. 

You Have a Blog, But You Don't Have Readers - What's Wrong?

There are a few reasons why you may not have any readers to your blog. Some of these issues are relatively easy to solve, but others may be a little more difficult. But before you can begin working to solve any problems, you need to identify what those issues are. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why you're not getting any readers to your blog. 

1. You're not promoting your blog. 

If you think you're going to grow your readers just by posting content, you're never going to get a blog audience.

While getting blog readers without any promotion may be a dream come true, it unfortunately doesn't happen for most of us. The truth of the matter is that no one is going to read your blog posts unless you tell them there is something to read.

If you want to increase the number of people reading your content, you need to start promoting your blog through your online and offline network. Think about how you may get the word of your new blog post out there. 

Who would be willing to share it? Who may find it useful? Where are your ideal readers hanging out online?

2. Your content isn't interesting. 

No one wants to admit they're boring. Unfortunately, sometimes we are. 

Blogging can be difficult because you need to find a way to get your personality on a page. While you may be exciting and energetic in person, translating that into copy can be a struggle for many people. 

Not being able to show your true colors or selecting topics that no one cares about are also reasons why no one is coming to read your blog.

Instead of trying to be someone you're not just because you think that's how you need to act on your blog, write the way you would talk about topics you are interested in. 

3. You're not writing for the right audience. 

When you started your business, you probably (read: should have) sat down and thought about who your target audience is. But if you haven't done expansive research about who that audience is and what content they're looking for, you are going to struggle to build your audience. 

Your audience wants to feel a direct connection to you and the content that you're creating. That means you use language that the reader can identify and connect with. If your ideal reader is relaxed and casual, your writing should be relaxed and casual. If your target audience includes professionals with advanced degrees, your writing should reflect that. 

When writing your blogs, you want to sound as if you're a part of that same demographic. If you're not gaining traction on your blog, it could be because you're not using the write style. 

4. You're only blogging about yourself. 

Blogging about company accomplishments, products or services can be one of the biggest reasons no one is interested in reading your blog. 

We all like to talk about ourselves - some more than others. But your blog is not the place to do so.

Blogging is designed to help your company build trust with your readers, something that isn't easily done if you appear arrogant or self-centered.

If you want your blog posts to be popular, you need to share information that is helpful to your reader. While that may sometimes include rewards or recognition that you have received, they shouldn't be your main focal point. 

5. You're not getting social shares. 

Your social community can be one of the best ways to increase the number of readers to your blog. But the number of shares you get on social can only be as strong as your connection with your followers. 

Loyal readers are one of the best ways to increase the number of people reading your blogs. When they share your posts with their own friends and family, they are acting as free sales professionals for you and your company. 

Make it easy for your readers to share your blog posts. In addition to including share options on each of your posts, you should also provide sharable quotes and images to make it even easier for your readers to share your information. 

Blogging when no one is reading can be discouraging, but it is crucial to keep pushing through. With these five tips, you can get to the bottom of why no one is reading your content and change your strategy to promote more shares. 

If you are a lawyer, entrepreneur, or business professional and you need help with your blog, contact me to see what I can do. 

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