3 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging - Even If No One is Reading

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging - Even If No One is Reading

If you've ever written a blog post, you know that it takes time. You spend a few hours researching your topic, figure out exactly what you want to say, and then create a few drafts trying to come up with the perfect way to share your opinions. 

You hit publish, sit back, and wait for the shares to start flying in. But nothing happens. 

Unfortunately, not every blog we write will go viral. Actually, most of our blog posts won't. We want to see our blogs get shared dozens and dozens of times, but posts that are shared by the thousands can truly be rare. 

So, what is the point of blogging if no one is going to read your posts?

Do You Really Need to Have a Blog if No One is Reading?

We all want our blogs to have loyal readers. We spend time creating the best content possible and we want our hard effort to be recognized. So it's natural to feel slightly discouraged when our page visits and shares aren't as high as we hoped. 

But do you really need to continue blogging if you're not seeing the results you were after?


The answer is yes.

Here's why. 

1. Blogging Helps with SEO 

Each time you create a new blog post, you're creating a new opportunity to use keywords and upload new content. With each blog that you write, you're laying another brick in the solid foundation of your SEO strategy. If you're only uploading a blog once in a while or you're not blogging at all, that SEO foundation will be shaky and crumbling. 

Blogging can improve your SEO strategy by providing your readers with fresh content. When Google or another search engine looks for relevant information for a user's search, they're going to consider the post date of that content. Blogging is an easy and efficient way to keep your website updated without needing to change your entire page.

2. Blogging Gives You Something to Talk About

As we've mentioned before, today's marketing world is all about building solid relationships with customers and readers. If you go on your social media pages yelling about what services you offer and pushing followers to buy your products, you're not going to get too far in business. But if you can get online and show your customers the value that you can bring, you can create a loyal buyer.

Blogging - even when no one is reading - prepares you for a conversation. Having content already posted online means you're ready to share your insights and information with readers when a question comes up, when you send out an email, or when you enter a conversation on social media. Frequent blogging means you already have a database of well thought out, researched, and clear ideas ready to be read.  

3. All Blogs Have to Start Somewhere

Just about every blog out there began without any readers. The blogs you check each morning while drinking your coffee all started just where you are right now. Yet those bloggers and those websites got to where they are because they did not give up because no one was reading. 

Maybe no one is reading your blog now, but that doesn't mean they won't be in the future. If you continue to push through in building your blog and your website, eventually you will have the page you've been reaching for. You just need to recognize the value in blogging and push through the lonely times. 

Building Your Blog When You Don't Have Readers

If you're struggling to bring readers to your blog, there may be a problem with your inbound marketing strategy. Whether your blog posts are difficult to read, you're not sharing them appropriately, or you are targeting the wrong audience, having a successful blog comes from understanding what your ideal customer is after. 

If you need help building your blog, check out my blogging services or send me an email. As a Freelance Writer and Inbound Certified Marketer, I help small businesses and entrepreneurs get their blogs off the ground. 


5 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Blog

5 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Blog

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