Are you still not sure what's so special about blogging?

You don't only need a blogger - you also need a consultant.

You need Advanced Blogging

For the businesses just getting started with their blog or are still confused about why they need a blog, I offer Advanced Blogging services. As a way to jump-start your blog, you should consider Advanced Blogging if you: 

  • Do not have any experience running a blog. 
  • Need a full content calendar created. 
  • Are launching a new website. 

What does Advanced Blogging Include?

The Advanced Blogging package includes:

  • Introductory phone call to discuss your goals for blogging.
  • Professional recommendations and guidance on how your blog should be structured.
  • Weekly or monthly goals to cover potential topics and post ideas.
  • Blog posts completely ready for posting, including internal and external links, keywords, and metadescriptions.
  • Images or social media posts included for an additional fee.

    Ready to build a blog you're proud of?

    Advanced blogging packages begin at $0.2/word.

    Send me an email to schedule your introductory phone call.